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My Experience as a New Golfer

My experience as a new golfer

My Experience as a new golfer

"Imagine feeling inspired that your dreams of playing golf in your retirement years can be achieved;  that you haven't left it too late to learn how to play this game; of being able to meet new life long playing friends with the same interest and to look forward to spending many hours and days playing golf after having held a highly pressured job for so many years. I wanted to share my experience as a new golfer via Sarah Bennett Golf

These are my dreams however I feared I may have left it too late especially after taking myself off to my local golf range, trying to emulate the ease of striking the ball and seeing it fly through the air as my husband manages to do. Sadly I only experienced the disappointment of 'swishing' my 7 iron without making contact with the ball at all despite my best efforts. What to do?". Read More

How to hit a golf shot over water

How to hit your golf shot over water

I would like to address one of the most feared shots by the majority of golfers..  how to hit your golf shot over water.

We have all been there, it can be the ultimate card wrecker so let's face and defeat the mental challenge,  so here are some suggestions and thoughts which can easily be taken to the course in a couple of weeks time. Read More

Sarah Bennett

This Girl Can Golf

It was wonderful to hear This Girl Can reach its first birthday today so it must fall closely in line with the big "drive" to introduce This Girl Can Golf which I believe is having a positive impact.

Obviously my passion is golf! hence This Girl Can Golf title, so much work across the UK and world has been directed into providing new and exciting opportunities  for Women and Girls to try to enjoy the sport for life. Read More

Avoid slow Play

Avoid Slow Play

Much has been written recently regarding the "decline" of players starting this wonderful game but the industry has changed hugely since I started golf over 30 years ago. There has been a complete shift in the way golf clubs are managed along with an array of membership joining and playing options for current and new golfers to suit our ever changing life styles.

I love introducing new players to the game, with the ladies through my GolfingGirl programme which I set up 6 years ago. It was one of the first pilots in the UK with a very successful proven track record. I introduce a number of playing sessions to men and ladies groups making the game more enjoyable, accelerating learning and ultimately helping with shot and decision making skills all which help to avoid slow play with increased knowledge. Read More

Junior Golf in Essex

Junior Golf in Essex

Sarah Bennett PGA Fellow Head Teaching Professional at Three Rivers Golf Club started to lay the foundation to help to grow Junior Golf in Essex. One objective was to develop the current junior section at Three Rivers Golf Club which included an introductory coaching and playing pathway for new players.

The Golf Foundation kindly provided their support for the project and I am delighted that much of the groundwork is now in place for 2016 and beyond, but there is much hard work ahead. I look forward to demonstrating the benefits of such a programme with improved opportunities for new players. Read More


Indoor Putting tip

With the winter now officially here, it is the time for me to provide you with a very useful indoor putting tip. I find this a very versatile tip as with many people now owning a smart phone it is easy to access and is FREE which was not thought of 10 years ago!

This concept can be used with any level of player from a new golfer to the more established golfer with the advantage... you can now practice your new putting tip indoors now so no more excuses! Read More