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My Experience as a New Golfer
My Experience as a new golfer

"Imagine feeling inspired that your dreams of playing golf in your retirement years can be achieved;  that you haven't left it too late to learn how to play this game; of being able to meet new life long playing friends with the same interest and to look forward to spending many hours and days playing golf after having held a highly pressured job for so many years. I wanted to share my experience as a new golfer via Sarah Bennett Golf

These are my dreams however I feared I may have left it too late especially after taking myself off to my local golf range, trying to emulate the ease of striking the ball and seeing it fly through the air as my husband manages to do. Sadly I only experienced the disappointment of 'swishing' my 7 iron without making contact with the ball at all despite my best efforts. What to do?". Read More

After a tough few years for the travel industry and numerous cancelled golf trips, the season will begin in full swing very soon. I thought this journal of How to pack your golf bag travel cover maybe useful.  We all want our travel to be as smooth as the first swing we make on the first tee this year in the sunshine we are dreaming. Travelling and playing golf abroad for many maybe a new and daunting experience so I hope this short article helps.

As we are aware airlines are tight on the weight restrictions so firstly make sure your "sports equipment" is within the categorised weight allowance. So here are Sarah's top tips to start your golf school or holiday without any glitches. Read More

Winning Winter Golf

How do you fancy playing some winning winter golf this year? We all appreciate how suddenly we have to acclimatise to the numerous changes when we step out on the tee on those cold frosty, wet and windy mornings.

However with a little preparation the experience can become pleasurable and easier to transition as long as we prepare and manage our expectations. Here are a few pointers which I am sure you will be aware but if we can maybe choose a couple I am convinced it will help your golf. Read More

Today was a very special and memorable day when the Thymic Charity cheque was handed over by Colchester Golf Club Captain Paul Smith. The on-going quest is Thymic Cancers will be granted funding from our National Charities after a successful outcome from the ground breaking Wendys Thymic research which is taking place at Guys and St Thomas.

This inaugural research into cell abnormality within this very rare and aggressive cancer has been made possible through the sport of golf the values and friendships and shear determination to help other sufferers in memory of Wendy. Read More

The past month has been tinged with mix of emotions following the unbelievable success of the third Wendy's Thymic Fundraiser as detailed in my previous blog.  If you did not read this it can be found on my website http://www.SarahBennettGolf.co.uk When I chatted with Wendy about the legacy she wanted to leave behind her primary focus was to prevent others from suffering the mass of uncertainty and invasive treatment she endured surrounding this aggressive cancer.

The fact there was only One Specialist in the UK three years ago who upon the diagnosis said there was no specific targeted treatment at this time. The same chemotherapy was used for lung cancer sadly which Wendy had an anaphylactic reaction. The surgery had not been performed previously so having to deal with the physical and psychological barriers was immense. Read More

I can't quite believe the third Wendy's Thymic Fundraiser was held this year at Colchester GC with the goal of funding the first ever research analysis into Thymic Tumours worldwide.

The fundraising all started with a meeting and visit to Guys Cancer centre in London 2018 where I met the "Prof" this is how Wendy addressed her first consultant. He was joined by a top Italian thoracic surgeon Dr Bille and Japanese pathologist Nonaka Daisuke. I was showed around the research lab with an explanation of how they would be using any funding to investigate any DNA abnormalities within the cells. I could never have envisaged the extent as to how the project which has been self lead with my Treasurer Helen Muir could have developed. Read More