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Indoor Putting Drill

Putting is a key part of the golf game so here is an indoor putting drill which I would like to share with you. This drill can be used both on the putting green and in the comfort of your home.

I held a successful putting clinic last week which prompted me to write this article relating to stability during the putting stroke. This is an area which is very often overlooked while the assumption of many players it is the path which the putter takes is the most important area to concentrate upon which is not the case. Read More

Sarah BennettGolf Putting tip

Putting tip

I have and will be continuing to run a series of short game clinics during the year for both men and ladies, one of the areas I have focused upon is putting. I would like to provide you with a simple putting tip which I hope will assist with your game.

My objective is to simplify the stroke breaking down the barriers suggesting that putting practice is boring and next time it will be better! Unfortunately without change your putting is unlikely to improve on a regular basis. Read More


Indoor Putting tip

With the winter now officially here, it is the time for me to provide you with a very useful indoor putting tip. I find this a very versatile tip as with many people now owning a smart phone it is easy to access and is FREE which was not thought of 10 years ago!

This concept can be used with any level of player from a new golfer to the more established golfer with the advantage... you can now practice your new putting tip indoors now so no more excuses! Read More

How to improve your putting using a golf drill

As we approach the winter months with limited daylight and practice opportunities, I wanted to give you a putting drill which can be practiced inside as well as outside. I have a number of drills which can be used inside so keep your eyes open for my blogs and newsletters.

I really rate this "low cost" putting drill which I learnt from Michael Breed a top USA PGA Coach. The drill is not about holing the putt so we do not even have to aim for the hole. The drill is all about the putting stroke, working to achieve a "square" putter face at the moment of impact with the ball which is critical in maintaining a solid, consistent strike producing effective distance control. Read More

Successful Pitching

Many golfers find the pitch shot a tricky one to master in golf, it is one of our "scoring" shots. When correctly executed it can save and make up many strokes during a round of golf. I hope this article will provide you with an insight into the targeted areas to achieve successful pitching on the golf course.

It is important to understand firstly the definition of a pitch along with the objective of the shot which is too often confused with the chip shot. Read More