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I am delighted to be commencing my golf coaching service at Three Rivers Golf Club from next week after our break of two months. Read More

Two months ago who would have envisaged we would be living through "Lockdown" in the UK. We all heard about the crisis in China but with 12 hours flying time separation could not have imagined the worldwide impact this highly contagions would deliver. Read More

Putting is an area of the game which as we all appreciate is one of the most critical it is also the most precise.

The use of technology now is well publicized but it is the actual interpretation of the numbers with a corresponding drill which achieves improvement. I am using a hole more putts plate which provides me with enough data for my everyday coaching in addition to my brilliant http://www.puttout.golf mirror. This in tandem allow me to diagnose and provide effective putting drills. Read More

Putting is a key part of the golf game so here is an indoor putting drill which I would like to share with you. This drill can be used both on the putting green and in the comfort of your home.

I held a successful putting clinic last week which prompted me to write this article relating to stability during the putting stroke. This is an area which is very often overlooked while the assumption of many players it is the path which the putter takes is the most important area to concentrate upon which is not the case. Read More

Three Rivers golf lessons grip pressure coaching

I find one common misconception when coaching the “hold” of a golf club to a new or more established player is the pressure applied to the handle. This article will guide you how to hold a golf club with the correct pressure points.

These points can be adjusted to suit a number of player's with any physical limitations or hand ailments. Read More

Are you getting the most out of your golf practice?

I have written a number of articles for publications on effective practice as this topic is becoming increasingly appreciated to assist the transfer of new skills to the course.  It is in my view an integral element of any performance program and can be diluted to suit the recreational golfer Read More