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The Ryder Cup experience has to be the pinnacle of the golfing career of both USA & European players, the recreational golfer plus this very happy former Tour player and now full time Coach.

I was absolutely delighted to have received an official invitation to the long awaited 2020 Ryder Cup at the spectacular Whistling Straits Golf course overlooking the magnificent Lake Michigan. The invitation was a total surprise but with the necessary volume of paperwork and testing prior to the event I was not letting myself become too excited at the prospect of attending my first ever Ryder Cup in the States with the additional honour as part of the official European Tour Ryder Cup party. This role entailed assisting with the matches as "rules observer" which has to be the greatest privilege and responsible positions I have undertaken within my playing arena. Read More

How high do you tee your golf ball

The driver is one of the hardest clubs for the majority of recreational golfers to hit consistently, however with the on-going advancements in technology trust me it is much easier now than using persimmon woods!

So how high do you tee your golf ball, there are so many different heights of tees and compositions on the market it can be bewildering to make the correct decision. Read More

We are entering the last week of waiting until everyone descends upon the recently vacated golf courses over the past few months.

A high percentage our first tee shot back will undoubtedly be taken with the driver so with lack of practice, possibly reduced swing speed along with stiff muscles for most it will be a daunting prospect with mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension. Read More

How to hit a golf shot over water

I would like to address one of the most feared shots by the majority of golfers..  how to hit your golf shot over water.

We have all been there, it can be the ultimate card wrecker so let's face and defeat the mental challenge,  so here are some suggestions and thoughts which can easily be taken to the course in a couple of weeks time. Read More

There is much written about the equipment best suited to our golfing needs but have you thought or know what to consider when buying golf shoes?

I purchase three different style of shoes firstly my Summer coaching shoes followed by my Summer playing shoes then my winter coaching shoes which would be different to my winter playing shoes. Read More

Sarah Bennett's Top Tips for playing golf in the rain

Golf is one of a few sports which we are able to play mostly all year round,  this does require a certain degree of commitment and dedication but certainly a great deal of adaptability. Read More