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My Experience as a New Golfer
My Experience as a new golfer

"Imagine feeling inspired that your dreams of playing golf in your retirement years can be achieved;  that you haven't left it too late to learn how to play this game; of being able to meet new life long playing friends with the same interest and to look forward to spending many hours and days playing golf after having held a highly pressured job for so many years. I wanted to share my experience as a new golfer via Sarah Bennett Golf

These are my dreams however I feared I may have left it too late especially after taking myself off to my local golf range, trying to emulate the ease of striking the ball and seeing it fly through the air as my husband manages to do. Sadly I only experienced the disappointment of 'swishing' my 7 iron without making contact with the ball at all despite my best efforts. What to do?". Read More

We are entering the last week of waiting until everyone descends upon the recently vacated golf courses over the past few months.

A high percentage our first tee shot back will undoubtedly be taken with the driver so with lack of practice, possibly reduced swing speed along with stiff muscles for most it will be a daunting prospect with mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension. Read More

How to hit a golf shot over water

I would like to address one of the most feared shots by the majority of golfers..  how to hit your golf shot over water.

We have all been there, it can be the ultimate card wrecker so let's face and defeat the mental challenge,  so here are some suggestions and thoughts which can easily be taken to the course in a couple of weeks time. Read More

It has been a busy few months which will unfortunately feel like a very short Summer however the number of players who are seeking short game coaching in particular chipping has increased dramatically.

I am passionate about improving my clients game but more importantly providing something which they can take to the course seeing the improvements immediately. Read More

Sarah Bennett

It was wonderful to hear This Girl Can reach its first birthday today so it must fall closely in line with the big "drive" to introduce This Girl Can Golf which I believe is having a positive impact.

Obviously my passion is golf! hence This Girl Can Golf title, so much work across the UK and world has been directed into providing new and exciting opportunities  for Women and Girls to try to enjoy the sport for life. Read More

Sarah Bennett

It is amazing with the advancements in technology over the past few years within the golf industry many golfers are still unaware of the custom fitting golf clubs service. It is a highly specialised business with fine lines which is on offer by PGA Professionals who possess the finely tuned equipment to carry out this service.

Custom Fitting Golf Clubs

When I started golf many years ago! custom fitting golf clubs was totally unheard of there were just pretty much three shaft choices Ladies & Men's Regular in both graphite or steel and stiff flex in graphite or steel. I would not want to guess how many various shafts are available today but I know it is in excess of 900 from the shaft manufactures all offering a variety of benefits and playability options which is slightly overwhelming. Read More