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Sarah Bennett Golf Blog

This has been winter we would rather forget  but with Spring taking hold we will be spending more time playing putting all our winter work into good use..won’t we!

As a former Ladies European Tour player for over 20 years I believe I have the additional advantage of looking back on particular areas which could have helped me further during my career. Read More

This is a rather condensed blog due to the complexity of this subject, there have been on going debates that suggest it is the small innocuous 1.68" diameter golf ball which has been the biggest advancement over the years within the game.

Ironically golf balls used to be 1.62" so much smaller, I used these up until the rulings were changed to deem that size illegal, however it is refreshing to still find a few in my coaching bag each week! Read More

Playing a Links Course

I was inspired to write about playing a links golf course after watching the final round of The Open followed in close succession by the Women's British Open which I had the pleasure and experience of competing in during my career.

This was further cemented by the English Girls Championship which was held at Littlestone  Golf Club where I held one of my Coaching sessions for my England Regional Squad players. Read More

There is one subject which is never far away from the topic of conversation of a golfer and that's the weather! After all during a 5 hour round of golf (on Tour) we can experience 4 seasons in one day.

After a huge storm over much of the UK last night I thought I would write about lightning on a golf course understanding what we can and should do if the situation arises. Read More

Sarah Bennett Playing golfshot from the rough

This is a lie in which we can often find ourselves, so playing a golf shot from the rough requires a few changes to both our club selection, technique and thought process.

Read More

Sarah BennettGolf Putting tip

I have and will be continuing to run a series of short game clinics during the year for both men and ladies, one of the areas I have focused upon is putting. I would like to provide you with a simple putting tip which I hope will assist with your game.

My objective is to simplify the stroke breaking down the barriers suggesting that putting practice is boring and next time it will be better! Unfortunately without change your putting is unlikely to improve on a regular basis. Read More